Thursday, June 27, 2013

No News in Edmonton, Let's Drink!!!

On June 23rd we headed up to Edmonton stay overnight in a hotel because we had to be at the Edmonton Clinic at 7:30am Monday morning. It was just my mom and I. Here is a picture of our little home for the night.

Monday morning we got up and headed over to the clinic. We got there in time for me to be poked and 10 vials of blood be taken from me. Just what I wanted to do at 7:30 am....get poked!!! After that I had an electrocardiogram. Then it was up to give those doctors a talking to and see what is taking soooo long!

We learned that they haven't been doing many transplants and are in a real dry spell. They are hoping it is going to turn around. More donor awareness is a must!! They haven't forgotten about me though, so that is a bonus! They are still saying that as soon as they find a match I will be called. Doesn't sound like there is anyone ahead of me. I'm sooo ready! We go back to Edmonton August 12. That's mom's birthday. Maybe they will have better news for us then!

After seeing the docs I headed over to the hospital rehab department for a 6 minute walk test. They hand you this fancy stopwatch and you walk around this big block and count your laps. Last year I was able to do 6 laps in 6 minutes. This time I only got 4.5 laps. I guess I got lazy.....or these old windbags of mine are really starting to let me down! Stupid things!!

Auntie Lynn met us up at the hospital and it was decided we would go to West Ed and look around for a little while. I`d get to be chauffeured around the mall in my sweet wheelchair. First stop....HOOTERS! Time for a beer. All of this waiting is getting ridiculous, but nothing a cold beer won`t help! We shared a jug of beer and some appys. I forgot how delicious those wings were!
Terrible picture, but damn was that beer good!!!
After a little looking around I was loaded down with bags and we made one last stop at the most important store in the mall.....THE CANDY STORE!!! I spent my $15.00 on candy (I hope my clinic team isn`t reading this, and if they are I eat it very slowly. HAHA!) then we headed home!

It was a long day but we survived and are now back at home to continue waiting!

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