Sunday, June 23, 2013

Calgary Floods 2013

We were in Calgary on the 19th of June and two days later the city was underwater. The Bow and Elbow rivers both exploded with water and breached their banks. It was the worst flooding in years. Many parts of Calgary along the rivers were evacuated and the downtown core was underwater. Over 100,000 people were evacuated due to the flooding. The floods did not only affect Calgary but many other towns as well including High River, Medicine Hat, Bragg Creek, Canmore, and many many more.

I just feel sick for those people who have returned home now to find their basements full of water and no insurance coverage. A billion dollars has been set aside from the Government to help victims of the flood.

 There are a couple of picture above of the flooding. The cleanup has begun now.

The Saddledome and Stampede Grounds also took a big hit! There was water up to the 14th row in the Saddledome. They are working hard to get everything cleaned up and ready for the Stampede which starts on July 5.

Cougar Creek in Canmore. Peoples backyards are gone!
I have a sick feeling in my stomach for all of those affected by the flooding. Albertan's are strong and they will pull through!

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