Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Monday Blues

Well Monday morning I woke up and I had had enough. I hadn't kept any food down for 3 days. My poor stomach. I have lost weight and was not impressed. These antibiotics are killer. I had been on them for 5 weeks by now. I made an executive decision to call my doc and inform him of my issues. It was decided that we would stop the iv's one week early. Thank goodness!!! The only downfall is that this specific iv med has a half life of 3 days so it will take a few days to start feeling better. It is now Tuesday night and I was finally able to eat a little supper and keep it down! Woohoo!!!

My lungs are feeling pretty good and I haven't had those killer headaches in over a week. I think I am on the mend!!!

Good news to report about my friend, Lorna. She received her living donor transplant on Friday and is slowly improving with time. Her mom and sister and in a lot of pain still, but are also improving with each passing day. Her sister had a collapsed lung today, but I'm sure it will improve with more time. Lorna is still sedated but her fluid levels are coming down and they hope to back off with some of the meds very soon. She is still in critical condition though. I understand living donor transplant require more time to heal and I believe that she will be running laps around me after lots of time and rest. I am so happy that things have gone well thus far with her. I am hoping that she continues to recover and doesn't encounter any big hiccups! Can't wait to see you up and about Lorna!!!

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  1. Happy your feeling better dude, Also happy ur done barfing as it is a terrible noise