Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Day in Calgary

On June 19 we went back to Calgary for another check up. Things were okay, but not great. My PFT's are now down to 23% and some of my blood work was out of whack. I had to go down to the PFT lab this time though. I had to do the "panting in a box" test. You put your hands on your cheeks and pant like a dog. I look pretty badass when I'm doing it too. The other test is the breath holding test. Really....tell me to hold my breath for 10 these lungs can handle that. Haha! Both tests were tricky and I was exhausted after but I got them both done. After PFT's it was back up to have blood gases done...yuck!

The man that did my blood gases was awesome! I think the part that hurts the most is holding the gauze on the artery after so it doesn't bleed into the tissue in my wrist. I never knew that getting the artery in your wrist poked would be sore for so long after the poke. My wrist was sore for a couple days, but nothing major.

I'm feeling pretty good though. The doctor told me to expect to get sick again and need iv antibiotics. I'm determined to prove him wrong. At least if I get sick this time he is going to try different drugs as to not make me so sick this time. Its all about getting the right balance of drugs to fight off this bad bug I have.

After the doc we had to head over to a different clinic and I had to have a echo-cardiogram done. It was the first time that I've ever been told that they want my sexy hospital gown to open in the front. It made me laugh a little. I had the cutest technician ever. After about 30 minutes that test was done and it was off to another one at a different clinic.

Off to the last test of the day. An easy simple bone density test. And what a test it was. Well, the test was fine, the waiting room was a different story. Mom and I started off in a huge waiting room, which was fine. Then the lady called me and I left mom and headed back. The lady got me to get changed and put my things in a locker. The only thing I had with me after that was the key to my locker (and the clothes on my back of course!). She took me to another waiting room that looked like a little office cubicle where I waited by myself for a long time. I looked up at the tv and all I saw was boobs!!! Old boobs, young boobs, saggy books, firm boobs, just a lot of boobs. I was in shock, I thought why would a place like this have such a show on tv. Confused I continued to watch the awkward show. Soon I realized it was a show dedicated to showing woman how to perform a self breast examine. It was quite the show. I guess they do mammograms at this place too so it was appropriate, kind of! After all that excitement I went in and had my test done and then mom and I headed home.

Mom ended up going into Red Deer when we got home and was at a car dealership until 11pm buying a new car. It's pretty awesome!

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