Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mom`s on Holidays, Let`s Party!!!

Mom is on holidays for 3 weeks!!! That means no more sitting at home by myself and more super sweet outings and adventures.

Day 1: Shopping!

Day 2: Stettler Train Ride!
We headed to Stettler in the morning and hopped aboard our train at 11:00am. We were headed for Big Valley where we would have a lovely roast beef dinner and then take part in the Canada Day Celebrations there. On the train there was entertainment, snacks, and most importantly, cold beer! It was smoldering hot outside (like plus 3000 I think). We walked up and down the train, looking drunk. Not drunk from our cold beverages, but from the swaying of the train. I was just waiting for an old lady to just teeter over!

On the way there we were robbed! Robbers on horses attacked, but the man on board saved the day! The robbers did steal some of our money though! We made it to Big Valley and had a delicious lunch. We walked around the boardwalk in Big Valley then headed down to the train station for the Canada Day Affirmation Ceremony. It was a great day!

At 3pm our train departed Big Valley and I was just about out of oxygen. Good thing we found a plug in in the saloon on the train! And heck, while were in the saloon might as well have another beer! The heat is making beer taste delicious! We sat in the saloon the whole way back (don`t worry I only had 1) and listened to a couple playing the guitar and singing a bunch of oldies! Mom loved it!!

We got back to Stettler and headed home.

Here are a few pictures!

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