Monday, July 22, 2013

Dean Brody + Severe Thunderstorm = Trapped in the Centrium!

Before I get into the great thunderstorm story I thought I'd announce some good news! Went to Calgary last week for a check up and things are all pretty much back to normal (for me)! Blood work is better and lung function is a tiny bit better. I'm hanging in there!

Westerner Days has been going on this past week in Red Deer. On Thursday I went with my mom and sister. They pushed me in a wheelchair and we took in all kinds of shows and looked around a bit. We also indulged in the famous fair food! Mmmm! It was a pretty fun day. 

Saturday night we had tickets for Dean Brody.

It was a super nice day out and we headed in about 6pm to hang out for a bit before the concert. The concert was at 8:30pm and it was great. He is a great entertainer. At the end of the concert a security guard came up to us and said we had to leave immediately because there was a severe thunderstorm coming with the potential of a tornado. We headed for the door but when we got there we were told that everyone was to go back in, get away from the windows, and sit in the lower bowl. No one was allowed to leave. They had security all over, keeping people from leaving. About 2 minutes after we were back inside the rain and hail started. We couldn't see outside but it was super loud of the roof so we thought the hail was huge (we had heard that it was golf ball size). All mom worried about was her new car!

Finally, after about 10 minutes the hail quit and they allowed people to leave. So we headed out. It was still raining, but barely. We had to walk across the whole grounds to get to the car. We started walking through the food and midway and saw that a lot of the grounds were flooded. All the games were shut down and so were the rides, of course. It was almost eerie walking through because it was like a ghost town. There was no one else around. Just a bunch of carnies shutting everything down. We were almost to the car, we just had to cross one road. When we got to the road we saw that it was flooded too. There was probably a good 6 inches of water flooding the road. Mom was pushing me in my wheelchair and was worried she wouldn't be able to get me to the car. And it was pretty chilly out too. Finally, Mike and I told her to just go. So Mike helped lift my wheelchair down from the curb and we walked through the water. My feet got wet, but it was all good. We made it to the car and headed home. It was quite the adventure! Oh, and the hail was only about pea size, the bigger hail hit the north end of town. 

When we got home there was a wicked light show going on and then it started pouring and we all headed to bed!

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