Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wii Fit Anyone?!

Well, I didn't get out my wii fit after my last post, but on Wednesday I got it out and attempted to do some yoga. First thing I learned was that I hadn't used wii fit for 361 days, wow, what a slacker I am (don't worry I still got exercise). It asked me to take a body test before beginning. I though heck, lets do it. Let's see what my Wii fit age is. After a few balance came on and told me my age was 30. Not bad for someone with lungs like me. I was still determined to improve that number. I also learned that I had gained 1.5 pounds since last time I used it. Now the real work began.....

I started with a breathing exercise......You are supposed to breath along with the trainer, but with these lungs it took me about 4 breaths to equal 1 of his. So really, I did more deep breathing than him. Deep breathing for me is taking a breath, haha.
Picture trying to slow down my breathing and follow the trainer and almost passing out!

 Next I tried a few other exercises. The one that killed me was some sort of sitting chair. My thighs were really feeling the burn. I didn't even make it through the whole exercise without quitting. Wii gave me a score of zero and called me a yoga novice. Guess I better get my butt down there more often and practice up.
. This is the pose they tried to get me to hold for like 30 seconds...are you kidding me?!

I did a few other poses and by the time I had done 12 minutes I was pooped. 
Note to self: Remember to turn up oxygen before exercising!

I called it a night and went back to the couch to continue being lazy and eating junk food. 

I even impressed myself when I went down for a second night in a row and tried again. This time I cranked the oxygen up and felt much better. Even more impressive, after yet another body test, my wii fit age was only 22. I'm not sure how but my impressive work the night before must have paid off....or it was just pure luck! Even more more impressive was that I had gained 2.5 pounds since the night before. I told mom that if I kept that up I'd be a porker in no time. Up to 118 pounds!!! I guess it does pay to sit on the couch all day and eat. Oh and the exercise is pumping my muscles back up!! 

After 14 minutes of exercise I was done for the night. I tried to improve on what I had done the previous night. I have to tell ya, some of those exercises look deadly. Take this one for example.....
.....who in their right mind can do this and not fall over!

I guess that will be my next goal. Do this horrifying yoga pose without falling over!

The doctor better be impressed with my awesome effort at some sort of exercise when I see him next week!!!


  1. HI Melissa, Your Mum posted your blog page on face book. I was happy to be able to keep updated on your progress. I think of you so often and wish you well. Your Mum sounds like she could be my daughter. Leaving the lights on in the car is my clue.
    Hang in there,girl. Youe are awesome and an inspiration to all.
    Lois Moen

  2. Melissa, this post totally made me laugh. ;) Way to stick to it! I always have a hard time starting a new exercise routine too. Oh, and I started doing that sitting yoga pose last year and it KILLED ME! But I am happy to say, over time I actually got really good at it and now I can do it comfortably. So, practice does pay off! Good luck!