Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Doctor Appointment # 100000000000

I may have slightly over exaggerated when I chose a number for how many doctors appointments, but it does feel like I've had that many. Last week I went down to Calgary again for another check up.

Good news, my lungs have not gotten any worse in the last month. I'm pretty steady at 26%. Hopefully it stays that way until that much anticipated call comes in. And more good news, I have gained 3 pounds in 4 weeks. I guess eating like a pig and laying on the couch does have some benefit!

I better keep eating like a pig to keep this weight thing going up!

Not much else is new since my last post. I'm still trying my best to get some exercise using the wii fit and I'm doing pretty darn good. Every night that I am home I do about 15 minutes of exercising. But Thursdays are pool nights with my dad and I am their number one scorekeeper so I can't miss that (instead I miss exercising). I'm still getting lots more exercise than I was before. It's hard to do, but I try my best. 

These old nasty lungs are holding me back! I should be down there running laps and pumping iron, but instead I stretch and turn my body into a scarecrow (from all that yoga). 

I can't wait until I get new lungs so I can do all the things I can't do now. 

  1. Singing in the car
  2. Dancing
  3. Walking around huge malls
  4. Showering with no tubing
  5. Being able to walk around my house without the pain of something being ripped off my face (Chance likes to step/walk/lay on my oxygen)
  6. Having two free hands when I'm out and about (no more carrying oxygen)
  7. Spend more that 30 seconds outside in the cold
  8. Go jump in my car and take off (without planning how much oxygen I need)
  9. Go back to University and finish my final year
  10. Walk upstairs without dying from exhaustion when I get to the top
These are only a few of the numerous things that I can't do right now, but one day (hopefully soon) I'll be able to do them all! 


  1. Keep up the good work sweetheart. I am rooting for you.
    Don Mayer

  2. We are in ur corner here. luv and miss u!!!!
    the stepans