Friday, January 25, 2013

New Goal: Update my blog more often. Haha

Starting today I am going to try and update my blog more often. I was getting pretty slack in the updates.

Since Christmas, everything has been good. I was back at clinic January 6th and everything with my lungs was stable. My lung function is still 26%. Not great, but good that it did not decrease further. I've just been hanging out at home for the most part since then. Mom is back to work so it leaves me all day to hang out with fluffy and watch Dr.Phil and Ellen. Some days I decide are pj days and therefore I don't even get dressed. Mom texted me one day and asked how it was going. I replied with "Awesome, I love my life!" I'd imagine ill be saying that with even more emphasis after I get some new lungs. But relaxing at home is great. I'm supposed to start exercising again. I actually think I'll get the wii fit out tonight and see what I can do. Fingers crossed I actually do this. HAHA!

A couple weeks ago I went and bought myself an angel necklace. Hopefully she looks after me!

I go back to clinic on Feb 6th. Before I go I have to check my blood sugars 7 times a day for 5 days. What a pain in the butt it is. I don't know why but for those 5 days I try and watch what I eat and the times I eat as to not affect my blood sugar. I'm not supposed to change my diet, but I just cant sit down and eat a bag of Cherry Blasters (my fav!) and not feel guilty about it. At least when I'm not checking my blood sugars I chow down on them and don't even miss a beat. Haha

I talked to a friend and couple weeks ago and the doctors in Edmonton were telling her that they have not done any transplants since November. I hope that it picks up soon and that more donors become available. I think that everyone should automatically be a donor unless otherwise directed by the individual. Why not recycle your organs? You could help save lives!

Well time for Judge Judy (part of my daily tv schedule). Stay tuned for more updates coming at your more frequently!!!

Here's a few pictures of massive fur baby and my new necklace.

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