Monday, June 4, 2012

Great News!

Well, after finishing up the pre-transplant assessment workup in Edmonton I was sent home to wait for the entire transplant team to make a decision on whether or not I would be a candidate for transplant at their center. I got a phone call last week and....I AM ACCEPTED!! Edmonton has decided that I am a good candidate for transplant at their center. This means we do not have to pack up and move to Toronto to have the transplant there. I will be able to stay at home and wait for my transplant rather than having to move somewhere else. 

I have now also been booked into the 6 week rehabilitation program at the University of Alberta Hospital from June 18 - July 27. This program helps prepare you for surgery and get you as strong as possible. I have not been officially listed as of yet (I am currently a category 0) because I had to get my immunizations up to date and that included a live vaccine. You can not be listed for 1 month following a live vaccine. The doctors also want me to complete the 6 week program before I go for transplant. I am hoping they will list me as a category 2 as soon as possible. Then the waiting game will begin! Hopefully it will not take too long to find me a good match!

I now have a couple more weeks at home just to relax and have some time to myself before going up to Edmonton 5 days a week. I have a wedding to go to coming up on June 15 and am also waiting to hear word of the arrival of my sister in laws baby boy any day now!

 We will be staying at a hotel with a full kitchen during the week and coming home on weekends. I do not think I could leave my poor kitty for 6 weeks and not see him at all. Mike would probably kill him before I got home! Glad I will be home weekends to look after him! 

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