Monday, May 4, 2015


There has been many hiccups along the way. In January we moved to an acreage. Well my stepdad, Mike moved us to the acreage as my mom and I were in Edmonton. Its a beautiful house, but when we came home there was still lots of unpacking and organizing to do. Thank god for my mom who did everything and was a huge help. I was want to give a huge shout out to my sister who came over before I got to come home and completely organized my room and had it right ready for me! THANKS SISTER!

 After I got home it took me a while to adjust to my new life. I was still a little bit weak. Oh I forgot to add that when I had a routine bronch on March 6 they found that I had influenza A, which was not good and my immune system is so compromised. I was immediately started on Tamiflu for 5 days. My lung function also plummeted during this time. I was up to 56% and I dropped into the 40's. I thought I was over the flu after a few weeks but apparently I was not. I ended back in hospital April 23-29 because I was feeling so awful and my lung function continued to drop into the 30's. I had had a nasal swab done a week before this and they again found that I still had the flu. I was also swollen up like a marshmallow. They figured I had about 5kg of extra fluid on me. I was once again put on Tamiflu for 2 weeks and Lasix to get rid of the fluid. When I got discharged I was feeling better and ready to go home and get in a new routine.

A routine that consists of pills, iv med, breakfast, rest, lunch, exercises, rest, supper, rest, pills, iv med, and then bed. It sounds worse than it is though. I still get out with my mom and go shopping and such.

Here are a few pictures of us getting out and having a good time!

Relaxing on my aunts couch, which is where we stayed when I was discharged

Mini golfing at West Edmonton Mall. Something I couldn't do before! And now I'm a champ!!

Out for lunch with my mom and sister at the Highlevel Diner!

Mom and Stacey at the Highlevel Diner for lunch!

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