Tuesday, March 5, 2013

No New News

Well another couple weeks have passed and I still have not heard anything. Well.....that't not exactly true. Yesterday the phone rang and when I picked it up and looked at the number it said "University Hospital" with the phone number. I'm telling you I almost had a heart attack and passed out. You want to know what it was.....some lady from the hospital calling to update my demographics. Really?!?! I get all psyched up for that! That's the second time this has happened to me. I swear they are just trying to mess with me!

I want to thank everyone that has posted a comment on my blog. I know there aren't many, but know that I read all of them.

I'm trying to think if anything else exciting has happened in the last two weeks. The element in our oven blew up a couple days ago, that's exciting right? We went for a drive to Wetaskiwin last week and looked through pawn shops. That wasn't my idea of a good shopping trip but it got me out of the house I guess. My stepdad is always looking for a good deal. Oh he also bought us lunch at a delicious pub! By the way I don't believe I have a picture of him in my blog so I better add one.
Here he is!

Two more weeks until I go see the doctors in Edmonton and I can ask them what is up and why they haven't found me any new windbags yet! Haha! I know they are doing everything they can to find some, but they are going through kind of a dry spell right now in terms of organ donations. I wrote a letter to the health minister to see about Alberta getting a donor registry like Ontario. That's got to help bring in more organs, right?

Well I'm off for more poking to be done to my poor, sad little veins!

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  1. You and Mike look quite happy there..haha
    Hope your enjoying your day at home. Please get some new lungs soon I could use some days off work :)