Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Last Minute Adventure

Way to stop from being bored #134,000: Buy last minute tickets to the Brier in Edmonton for a Thursday afternoon!

Well it was quite the adventure. Mom and I bought tickets to the curling (I'd been watching it all week at home) and decided to head up to Edmonton. Curling started at 1:30 so we left home at 10:30. We drove through what seemed like knee deep pot holes in Edmonton to get to Rexall Place. We got to the arena at 12:30 and went in and got hot dogs for lunch. Then we got to our seats, ate, and had a beer before the curling started. 

After about 2 ends mom looked at me and said "I hope I turned the lights off in the car." I said I hope so too and we continued to watch curling. At about end 5 she was still worried about the lights and went to check.....they were on and the car was as dead as a door-nail.....GREAT!

So mom grabbed out her AMA card and called. They were there in great time to boost our car. By end 8 it was up and running again. Worst past was that mom had to leave it run for an hour so it wouldn't die again. But did she have a spare key? Nope! We learned that the old people at the Brier are all trustworthy people. Car was in the parking lot running, with the back door unlocked, and our car was not stolen when we went out after the game to leave. 

We stopped at Leduc for supper at Whitespot and then came home. It was a great day adventure that got us both out of the house for a little while. I was pretty tired when I got home though. I spent Friday laying on the couch catching up on my rest. 

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  1. Good thing you weren't at something hip like a concert with young people. Car would have been gone for sure