Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Just an update From Last Week

Well the end of last week did not go as planned. Wednesday night I was feeling nauseated and Gravol was not working so I tried the new medicine that the doctor in Calgary gave me to try. I ended up having a terrible reaction to it and being sick for 6 days. I took it Wednesday night and by Thursday morning I hadnt slept at all and felt terrible with restlessness and and increased heart rate. I did not even think that I could even get to the car so mom called paramedics so they could come assess me. They came to the hotel room and checked me out and my vitals were all okay so they left and mom got me to the car and we headed to the hospital to see the doctors. He suggested I try taking Benedryl to see if that would help. I took 50mg of that and laid in bed at the hotel all day Thursday. I missed going to the gym and doing my exercises on Thursday and Friday. Friday I was still feeling bad. I did not want to take anything else so I loaded up on water and tried to flush the med out of my system. Mom and Mike took off Friday afternoon for the long weekend on the motorcycle and I was home to look after the pets. I still did not feel good Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. I had a pretty quiet weekend hoping that my anxiety from the med would go away and I would be back to normal. Now, here it is Tuesday and I'm beginning to feel normal again. If I can call myself "normal." HAHA!!! I'm still a little anxious and restless, but am 100% better than I was. I went to the gym this morning and did all of my exercises and even kicked it up a notch on the treadmill. We did not have an extra classes today. Tomorrow we have a family support meeting with our entire group. Then Thursday and Friday there are no classes and we will just being going to the gym to work out. I'm going to be buff by the time I get home. It takes me over an hour and a half to do all of my strengthing exercises now. I'm planning to continue to go to the gym in Penhold when I get home to keep my strength. It will make the recovery after transplant a lot easier. Big storm at home today. Stacey says the parking lot at her work is flooded and it has been hailing. It looks like the storm is heading our way too. Could be a loud night with thunder out there. Hopefully I get a full nights sleep tonight. More updates to come.....Stay tuned!

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