Friday, February 6, 2015

5 Weeks Post

5 week update.

Sorry its been so long since the last update but it has been a roller coaster ride since day 1.

After coming out of surgery I began to wake up and had the breathing tube out late that same day. I don't remember much about ICU but i do remember it was a busy place. I remember when I had the tube in I couldn't talk so i was writing everything on paper. They got me up sitting the day after surgery and not long after that I went for my first walk in ICU with no oxygen! Time to cut up that old tubing!

I was in ICU for about 5 days. Then I was moved to the transplant unit where I currently sit and heal. There have been lots of ups and downs with the meds though. I was fighting nausea and problems with my kidneys and liver though. Good news is my kidneys and liver and finally back to normal with a few changes in meds. The nausea is still present as they continue to change meds and try and figure it out. They had to put a tube feed down to keep me nourished though. That wasn't pleasant having a nurse and radiologist shove that huge thing down my nose. It is helping keep my eating though.

Good news through it all is that my new lungs are in perfect shape. My SATs have been between 92-100 the whole time!

I started going to the gym a couple weeks ago and i can tell i'm getting much stronger. No arm exercises yet due to the incision but lots of leg work. I'm also going to yoga everyday to help give me more strength as well. Any little thing helps.

I've had lots of gifts and many thoughtful cards and visitors. A friend of Mike's, Paul, even got me a curling broom signed by John Morris. That was a pretty awesome thing to get.

Some of my staples and sutures have come out but I cant really feel any difference. Mom has been here helping me a lot and so has my sister.  Thank you!

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