Saturday, January 25, 2014

Well I'm still here waiting...

Its been almost 19 months of waiting on the transplant list for new lungs. It is times like these that I wish I could just go on to eBay and buy some new ones! 

Santa forgot to bring me new lungs for Christmas again this year.

I've been lucky and have not been hospitalized since September...knock on wood! My lung function is stable and I'm feeling pretty good, but I'd still like those lungs to hurry the heck up!

What else is new with me since my last post you ask? Well, I had a lovely Christmas, spending time with both my mom and dad. Lots of turkey and fun! And got spoiled, of course! 

Other than Christmas it has just been my daily routine of The Price is Right, Dr. Phil, and Ellen. If nothing else, I'm learning a lot from Dr.Phil. Haha!

I've been poked and prodded a few time since my last post as well. You know, the normal stuff, blood work and port flushes. No biggie anymore!

I try not to let little petty stuff bother me anymore. I always just think that there is bigger things to worry about in life besides the lady that just cut in front of me in line or the employee at McDonalds who forgot to put my sweet and sour sauce in the bag at the drive-thru (not going to lie, that still kind of bugs me, I NEED my sweet and sour sauce to eat my nuggets). Staying positive is pretty easy when I am remaining stable. If I start to take a turn for the worst, watch out, you probably won't want to come within 10 feet of me and my new-found negativity. But when that happens, I have my lovely mom and boyfriend to snap me out of it!

I also enjoyed a lovely day at the spa. 5 hours of being pampered. I was a fantastic day. Mani, pedi, and massage all while be offered chocolate, strawberries, and tea! I might have to splurge and indulge myself again sometime! It was  a great way to forget about everything going on!

I always say that I will try and update sooner, but I always just fall into the same pattern and forget all about updating this thing. I will say it again though....I will try my best to update the blog when I have any new and funny stories to share. Or if I ever get called for transplant I'll have my mom on here keeping everyone up to date! 


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