Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Long Overdue Update

Sorry for my lack of posts in the past months readers! I really have no excuse for it, other than I was being lazy. But I'm back at it.

Here it is May Long weekend already and still no lungs. This is getting ridiculous. Some days are really hard to remain positive and remember that they are on their way sometime. Yesterday I was playing with a magic eight ball and I asked it "Will I get lungs this weekend?" The response was "No". Then I thought, heck, I'm not giving up that easy and asked it "Will I get lungs soon?" Clear as anything it came back and said "yes". I know it seems silly, but even these simple, little things give me hope. I saw a shooting star a couple weeks ago and it made me stop and think, "I wonder if that is a symbol that lungs are soon on their way". Any little thing out of the ordinary renews my faith in this whole process.

I have no been up to Edmonton to talk to the transplant team since March. I am scheduled to go back down June 24. Its hard to go three months without hearing anything. I often wonder if they have forgotten about me. When I am feeling this way, there is always someone (like my mom) to remind me that they haven't forgotten and they are doing their best to find me a suitable donor.

I remained relatively stable in April, but in May I came down with headaches and chest pain again. I was admitted to the Foothills hospital on May 1 and put back on iv antibiotics. The antibiotics really kicked into high gear and I was only in hospital for 7 days. I came home and remained on home iv therapy for another week (until the nausea got to be such a pain I couldn't take it anymore). The week home was a pain in the butt too, my port was acting up! When the nurse came to re-access it before I left, no blood return. So the choice was either to stay in hospital another night, or be back at 8:30am the next morning. And you know me, missing my cat and all, convinced my mom to drive home! Good thing was I got to see the Fluff man, bad thing is up early again the next morning. We got to the hospital and got some drug put in the line to unblock it and then we had to sit there allllll day! Like 5 hours. It was a long 5 hours. When the guy went to re-check the port and confirm it was flowing nicely, it was still touch and go. It was very frustrating. We knew it was in the right spot and came home and used it. It worked fine and felt fine, until the cap started leaking. Nothing can ever be easy with me. All I could do was laugh. After a few trips to the Red Deer Hospital all was good and the port was fantastic! All week it worked perfectly for Mom and I. The following Wednesday we went back to clinic for a checkup. We even got to do some learning about port care and how to properly flush and lock it off. That's a load off my mind knowing that we are doing it the right way. I am feeling pretty good now that the iv's are stopped. Dealing with a few headaches and neck aches. At least I know what that is from though.....carrying my oxygen bag on my shoulder around the mall looking for a Mother's Day gift for my mom. And did I even find anything....No. Note to self: Next time I go to the mall alone, bring along my pull cart!                                                                                                                                                                              

Even one of these would've came in handy!
I finally decided on a gift card and flowers for Mother's Day just in case you were wondering!

We've also put a green light bulb in our outside light recently. We put it out for organ donor awareness week, but it has really grown on me and it has remained out there. The neighbors probably think we are on something when I turn on that fluorescent green bulb. But I personally like it. I'm actually hoping people come to the door to ask about it so I can further promote organ donation. 

Mom and Mike have gone camping up to my aunts this weekend so I'm home babysitting fluffy (cause he really needs babysat, right?). They left Thursday and by noon I was already bored and drove the hour to go for a visit. It is kind of lame this weekend because there are fire bans so we just kind of sit around and look
 at each other. 
Mom enjoying her rum!
Notice the lack of fire? Yeah me too!!! And the inability to roast marshmallows over an open fire is devastating. Thursday night I came back home and Friday I laid on the couch all day with a wicked headache. I was hoping to feel better for Saturday as they were having a small family get together out at my aunts. Well Friday I woke up, and felt much better so I drove the hour, again, to go see everyone. It was a long day and even by the end I was puking and tired. I decided then that it was time to go. By the way, good thing my mom was there to clean up after me! I got home late last night and here it is Sunday afternoon and I sit and relax once again. My life really does involve a lot of relaxing, eh? I think Tuesday I'll venture out and see what kind of trouble I can get into. I'm sure I'll need more junk food by then. 

Other things that have happened since my last post:
  • Chance got his summer haircut (pics to follow)
  • I've gotten to hang out with a nephew a few times
  • Fluffy had a trip to the vet (Don't worry he is okay!)
  • My sister got a new job doing something she enjoys way more!
  • Some kid scratched my car with his bike handles (not impressed)
  • My inside door handle got replaced under warranty (I know, you probably don't care, but it was a big day in my life!)
  • The leaves are out and the grass is green
  • I got my first sunburn and am currently peeling
  • I had to go buy all new clothes because I am an impressive 125 pounds now
  • The Pittsburgh Penguins are kicking butt!
  • Mom got teased for having a handicapped sign in her Challenger
  • Mike brother crashed his motorcycle and broke his neck in two places, his lower back and his pelvis. He is doing much better now. We did have some company while I was in the hospital though as his wife was with him the whole time. 
  • My dad finished pool so my Thursday night beers are done. I guess I'll change to wing Wednesday!


Just had to add a picture of my cute little nephew!
He's turning 1 soon!

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  1. I love my doggy, hes so cute with his hair cut haha