Thursday, August 9, 2012

Finally another update!!

Well I see the last time I posted anything was week 4. The time just flew! I completed the 6 weeks and am listed as a number 2 on the list now which is highest priority. I could get the call any day now. My physical therapist also taught me a home program in week 5 so that I can continue doing all of the exercises at home. Now to get a treadmill. We met a lot of really nice people in Edmonton who are waiting for or who have already had transplants. I will miss a lot of them, but definitely keep in contact with them. Here it is August 9th now and I've been home for nearly 2 weeks. It is good to be home though! The week after I got home my family from Ontario all arrived so I have been keeping busy with them. My aunts and uncle flew home today, but my grandma and grandpa are still here. It is really nice to see them all again. I have a routine all set at home too. I get up and do all of my physio and then exercises and then I have the rest of the day to myself to go and do what I want. I've done lots of shopping! My dad had his 50th birthday so that was a busy weekend and things are just starting to settle down now. I also went to Calgary the Monday after we got home from Edmonton for a check up with the docs down there. Everything is looking good and they took my picc line out for now! It's sooo nice to have that thing out!! Hopefully I can stay this healthy and stable until I am called for my transplant.

Below are some pictures that we took at the gym.

Below are all of the parking passes that we had to take every time we went into the parkade. I think we were there enough. $23.00 a day is enough too!! Thank god for monthly passes.

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